(This page is posted by Joe Lynn/Zinjifar in the public interest of presenting the public with an example of Black PR as promoted by L Ron Hubbard in HCOPL 30 may 1974, and practiced religiously by the Office of Special Affairs (OSA) of the Church of Scientology. It was originally published numerous times on Geocities, Tripod and Globe, as well as parishioners.org based at relaypoint.net)

Link to the Scientology Parishioners Committee posts of March '99 and Stephen Jones pardoy posts here



Joseph Lynn Jr., AKA Zinjifar, is a fugitive from the law. There is a reason for this. Lynn has been investigated and for a while now it has been known that he is not clean with the law - and in fact is running from its long arm.

To be precise he was arrested for DUI and DUI/with drugs on 11/28/95. He was found guilty of the DUI offence. In criminal proceedings he pleaded guilty. He was given a sentence of 32 months community service and to participate in a 90 day program of treatment or counseling. A hearing was set back in 1996 at which Lynn was to bring evidence of community service. Lynn chose not to appear for the hearing and a $5,000.00 bench warrant was put out for his arrest. You can see a copy here.

He was picked up and another hearing was set but again Lynn chose not to appear before the court. This time the court suspended his probation and issued a $25,000.00 bench warrant.

The $25,000.00 arrest warrant is still in force and Lynn is still running from justice. If he ever gets picked up now, he will definitely serve jail time. He could serve as much as a year. So, he has reason for hiding.
He was originally located as living at 9939 1/2 Farralone Ave in Chatsworth. An investigator went to the address and took the picture of his house and that run down Toyota of his. These pictures were taken approximately May 9, 1998.

One night in mid-August 1998 Lynn turned up on L.Ron Hubbard Way driving his wreck of a Toyota. It was about 11:45PM. He accosted a security guard and told the guard that he had come to "enturbulate the Church." What the guard picked up right away was that Joe Lynn was high on something or drunk. The guard told Lynn he shouldn't be driving as he was drunk. Well, Lynn's response was to quickly blow the scene, jumping in his car and driving away. The investigator, called by the Church of Scientology to witness Lynn's late night harassment, arrived as Lynn was leaving and followed him to his house at 4045 Los Feliz.

Lynn parked on Tica facing North, about two cars in from Los Feliz and went into the apartment building. For a guy trying to hide he has been awfully easy to find.

The police had been called by the security guard but the police did not arrive in time to arrest Lynn. However, the security guard did report the incident to the police and made a complaint about Lynn's statement of his intent to harass the Church and its parishioners.
If you see this car driving by, alert the police.