The World Is Loving SPC!!!

SPC Report #1

The pickets of the bigots' houses showed that the people in the bigots' neighborhoods are definitely against religious bigots. Supremo bigot, Gregg Hagglund, went nuclear on being picketed and ended up being considered wacko by his neighbors. He was ranting and raving so insipid that no one would take his flyers. Poor Hagglund can dish out the bigotry just like the KKK and the neo-nazis. Like those groups, he hates the light of day of the truth. He might realize that the tide is turning. The LA picket, orchestrated by Arch Grand Dragon Bigot of the ARS bigots, Dennis Erlich, was an abysmal failure. 12 people showed up. The DC picket also an abysmal failure, as well. In LA, bigots were overheard commenting on how it was a failure.


SPC Report #2

Some interesting data came to light on Christopher Wood - "Wulfen". It seems some of his neighbors were happy to tell the Scientology Parishioners Committee that Wood was fighting with some Jewish residents in the area and that the police were called to break it up. The Neighbors were very supportive of the Scientology Parishioners Committee. His neighbors believe in freedom of religion and didn't agree with Christopher's actions. His neighbors also complained that he often yells creating a public disturbance in his apartment complex. His neighbors agreed there is supposed to be freedom of religion. Well, as the truth continues to come out Wulfen and his fellow bigots are going to be fully exposed for the creeps and criminals they really are.


SPC Report #3

Erlich's picket failed miserably. He looked like the storm trooper he is, fighting with the policeman and even being nattered about by his own people for the failure that the LA picket was. When he was picketed at his house, the neighbors were very friendly and sympathetic to the Scientology Parishioner Committee picketers and completely revolted by what they learned of Erlich's true nature. These people want a safe neighborhood. Anyway, the message got out. The Scientology Parishioners Committee did a service to the community and the people there thanked them.


SPC Report #4

Joe Lynn is also got picketed two places, since he is essentially homeless and scrounging off of people in the Los Feliz area and at Brian Murphy's place. Very concerned people asked the Scientology Parishioners Committee about Lynn. The SPC let these people know that Lynn was a jail bird. People accepted the flyers about Lynn and thanked the SPC for the data. People expressed a belief that freedom of religion is a constitutional right and that bigotry has no place in their community. A fellow Scientology Parishioner in UK informs me that David Byrd is in a similar situation to Lynn. Some said that if they saw Lynn at the Murphy place they might contact the police considering his time in jail and homeless status.


SPC Report #5

And Erlich' sycophant, Neal Hamel, got picketed twice. The neighbor of Hamel was very receptive to receiving flyers on Hamel. They were sympathetic and very friendly. They wanted to know how someone could picket a Church. They were aghast. One guy after reading the flyer about Hamel's bigotry seemed quite displeased that anyone would do what Hamel did. All those spoken to thought it was a very good thing that the SPC picketers were standing up against the bigots for picketing their Church. The SPC was informed several times that they could come back to the neighborhood any time and fight for their religious freedom. On another note Hamel was the prime lackey who organized the picket for Erlich -- and he failed miserably. Bigotry is a sad condition to be in.


SPC Report #6

Fredric Rice got picketed and he didn't like it one bit. He came yelling from the house demanding to know what the SPC was doing. The Scientology Parishioners Committee, composed of members taking the defence of religion and their Church in their own hands just passed out flyers and informed Rice's neighbors that he was a bigot attacking their Church and that he was also anti-Christian in the extreme. They took flyers to each of the houses on the cul-de-sac and also put flyers in the mini-mart close to his home. Then they put flyers on cars around the area. We hope Rice has a lot of hard questions put to him concerning his bigotry and the bigotry on his web site. And there is more that we found about F. Rice. This data will soon to be posted.


SPC Report #7

Kady O'Malley got heavily picketed. A counter picket was done in front of the Parliamentary Press Gallery on Parliament Hill in Ottawa for about 45 minutes. Many people asked about the picket and recognized O'Malley. One asked us when we were going to sue O'Malley, thought we had a good case. They also picketed in front of the Capital Hill Times. A number of people inquired of the picketers what they were protesting. The SPC members informed them and got lots of agreement, WITH ONE GUY SAYING HE ALWAYS THOUGHT O'Malley WAS A BIT OF A NUT CASE. He added that the SPC was doing was a good thing. He said to keep up the good fight.


SPC Report #8

The SPC can only conclude that the ARS bigots do not have many actual sympathizers in their neighborhoods. The SPC realizes that Hamel, Lynn, Wachter, Erlich et. al. will now lie their heads off to try and counter the truth their neighbors have found out about them. But the SPC will be back with the truth. The ARS bigots need to keep this in mind concerning the lies they will now tell their neighbors. What they need to keep in mind is this: Lies can be revealed as lies. When the lies are revealed the liar is held in contempt and rejected soundly. Remember the SPC has taken up the defense of their own religion and freedom of religion for everyone, as a Religious Crusade. The SPC is growing. And the SPC has a lot of Scientologists to grow with. SPC knows that the ARS bigots will lie in desperation. But they need to know that if they lie they will only reap the condemnation of their neighbors.


SPC Report #9

Erlich's neighbors were especially upset to learn that Erlich was a deadbeat dad to the tune of $79,000.00. I imagine Erlich is raving right about now. Hagglund acted like a crazy person. He tried desperately to hand out flyers. No one would take his flyers. He was left to broil in his own raging, ranting, maniacal bigotry. He looked completely mad. Fredric Rice also came across as a raving lunatic. This is the face his neighbors saw. It was not a pretty sight. Paul Rubin was also picketed, as was Brent Stone, All in all it was a black day for the ARS bigots. Their neighbors learned the truth of their religious bigotry and, their picket in LA and elsewhere were abject failures. Yes, the world is closing in on ARS religious bigotry. The SPC is here on a crusade.


SPC Report #10

One SPC member heard David Johansen (DON NOTS) complaining about Erlich and his storm-trooper handling of the policeman at L. Ron Hubbard Way. Johansen was really upset at Erlich for using his bully boy tactics on the policeman. For some reason David seems afraid of police and always wants to be on their good side. The SPC will look into this and let everyone know what it finds in the way of crimes. Our SPC friends in South Africa are looking.


(Following is Stephen Jones Parody post to ARS)

     The World Is Loving SPC!!!

SPC Report # 15

The world is loving SPC!  Ineffectual criminals have disasterous picket results while SPC wins love and affection from the peoples.
We asked many people if they would swing dance with criminals. None would.  Do you hear me, ineffectual criminals! Safer neighborhoods are what is desired.
Cakes and kisses were given to SPC from happy neighbors who were saying good stuff for us and not because we were crazy people on their doorstep.

The world is loving SPC!

From Zin J.
The peace loving peoples of the world is supporting SPC muchly. Thank you SPC in giving space immigrants and other new tax exempt religions your efforts.
Zin J.

hello fellow spc-er!
Yes! cakes and kissies from Wulff''s happy neighbours in building we met in intercomm:
buzz buzz
"hello you know chris whatsisname, he is big bigot you know"
"go away silly jehovas witness type person"
heil hill
you friend in spc

Support for SPC is growing!  We speak the message of Freedom that all Scientologists are hearing!  Russell Shaw, do you hear it?  That is the sound of it going right because SPC is on the lawns and doorsteps of the people who hate criminals!  America is not hiding behind their doors hoping SPC will go away! America is not hiding in their garage even though their grill is smoking and the chicken is burning. They simply are not home.
Other are!  Others are saying, "Right on, SPC! We don't like criminals! Have some Kool-Aid! You are making it go right! Our lasagne is fresh, have some!"

Ineffectual criminals, SPC will be on your neighbor's lawn! America is very receptive to SPC appearing at their door. Soon, we may begin selling magazines or boxes of crunchy peanut brittle!  That is making it go right squared!
The world is loving SPC!

Well my neighbor sez there WAS a picket at my house and they had big signs, but she didn't read them. She thought the guys were just selling something. Must have been those magazines and boxes of crunchy peanut brittle. Here's to SPC making it go right in my neighborhood!
Hilariously yours
Peach(last name withheld for purposes of satire)

From mysteriouos 'EF' person

russel shaw is not in right now. please leave message.
you know who your arr mr. religious bigot in stall. you can run but
your hide can't. hello citizen of railway station! please take public toilet picket tech brochure. oh? you say it's too rough?
your freedom collegue

SPC Is Hearing of Love and Trust!

Now I think you're starting to push it Stephen. Much as I am loving SPC I think 'trusting' really needs to be clarified as to what exactly we're trusting them to do.

Hello!  Only the peoples can say what trusting is in their hearts.  Many reports and letters flood SPC.  With many letters and reports come many reasons for trusting.  I think these love letters say better than any.  Listen:

        Hello, SPC!  Following your reports on the "Net" has been exciting.  Often I internet around, but never have reports like yours been found.  I read them to my family.  Many times we have reports concerning the criminals you follow.  I will write them down and internet them to you in the future.  Your writing makes us feel as if these criminals and terrorists are living in our fishbowl where we can watch and understand them.  My son, 7, has a report that Keith Hanson must be insane with abusive violence towards him.  We agree and have written a report.
                                                        The Johnsons are loving SPC!
                                                                            The Johnsons
        Hello, SPC!  In my garden grow tomato.  I will not throw them at you!  I will make you a salad!  SPC is doing something against critical rapists!  To not understand the goodness in Scientology must mean the destruction of that person. Let me whisper in your ears the goodness of Scientology, i say to them.  When their head is near my mouth I bite them for not understanding our goodness.  Where is your salad? Come to my house!
                                             SPC, I trust you and am loving you!
This and more is what people are trusting SPC to do.  The insane meat collectors of ars can trust SPC will collect and distribute the reports we get from around the world.  Also, SPC will stand in front of your house, ARS!

Cakes and kisses to SPC and I hope you don't mind that I'm collecting your SPC#15 stuff to:

If you do let me know (hopefully with somewhere I can transclude it from - it's irreplaceable)


Why couldn't you also love SPC?  SPC is loved and touched by many. You are ARS, but you may love SPC.  We will still stand somewhere near you and tell our reports, but you may love SPC!  Like Scientology, we only hurt the peoples because we love too much and have too much to offer the world.

The World and ZinjARS is loving SPC!